Asset Management System is a software that allows asset management companies track their files digitally and physically. Users can add debts, costs and collections. Users also can add protocol abput debts and create payment plan. Modules in the asset management system are desıgned to prevent wasting time and to prevent adding same datas. 


Debt Record, Tracing And Collection

All levels can be managed in the system from adding debts to collect.

Collection Transfer Mechanism

On the system, users can transfer collection.

Tax Collection And Tracing

Taxes about files can be tracked and collected.

Mortgage, Distraint Aand Expertise Recording

The system can hold every information about files.

Sub-Service And Law Office Login

New law offices and sub-services can be added to the system.


Operations about a file can be seen as a workflow.

Protocol And Assignment Contract Record

The system holds protocols and assignment contracts.

Firm Evulation Form Creation FORM CREATION

Forms can be generated by the system.

 YAZ Asset Management System helps managers do their actual jobs with its user friendly and simple modules.


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