Audit Management System is a software that is used by internal or external audit departments of independent audit companies, public institutions and private companies to plan and to track audit operations. The point of the system is tracking audits with workflows, plans, contents and results, so making audits searchable and reportable. The system also allows to control employees work load and make it efficient. 


Audit Planning

The system has an effective audit planning mechanism.

Work Load Reporting

Users can report work loads in audit process.

Auditor Adding

New personals can be added easily during the audit.

Detailed Search

Users can search audits in detail..

Administration Reports

The system has an effective reporting system that helps managers know what is happening.


Audit processes can be seen as workflows.

Web Based

User can reach the system wherever they want.

User Role and Authority Management

User roles and authorizations can be managed easily.

 The software developed with service based architecture using .NET C# and SQL server. The system can integrate all of the other softwares for collecting datas.