YAZ E-Distraint System developed according to law number 79 to send distraint papers to banks in a digital way by  the public institutions like SDIF(Savings Deposit Insurance Fund), ministry of trade and others. These papers can be answered by the banks in the same digital way.

With its user friendly interface, E-Distraint papers can be created easily and understandable. all of the file transfers happening strongly secured.



It has the infrastructure that can allow the system to integrate to banking systems.

Web Based

It provides a data communication between data receiver and data sender which is independent of software and hardware.

Manual Package Creation

With its simple interfaces, banks can create their answer packeges easily.


It is compatible with legal protocols.


The system allows users search packages in details.


Sorting results can be reported by the system.

User Login

User login procedures are simple with active directory integration.

Trace Records

It holds information like user logins, operations made by users and mistakes.

Creating E-Distraint files digitally makes the process so fast. It prevents human based mistakes.


T.C. Ticaret Bakanlığı
QNB Finansbank