This system developed based on customers needs about creating electronic notebook digitally with the format and standarts published on www.edefter.org.tr.

Notebook creation is so simple with the systems user friendly interface. Thanks to this simple process, users can easily create notebooks. This prevents time wasting and work overload. So the audit process can be made fast and efficient.


Company Information

Company Information can be seen on the screen in details.

Windows Based

Software can be installed to the PC. So users can easily reach the application on the desktop.

Easy Notebook Creation

Users input month and year informations and notebooks beginning and ending explonations can be completed automaticly. 

Time Stamp

Time Stamp can be added to files.

Big Notebook Creation

Big Notebook can be created.

Approved File Upload

Files can upload to the system.

Notebook Search

Created Notebooks can be sarched on the system.


Draft files can be seen on the system.

 Making all processes digitally prevents work overload and human based mistakes. in the end, companies do not have to create psyhical archives. That also prevents paper and machine wasting.


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