Legal Trackıng System is a web based and strongly secured software that is developed for law offices and companıes that have law departments. Users can track case files digitally from the beginning to the end. It does not matter how many employees are working for you, this system absolutely works for you.

With its authorization mechanism, the system prevents mistakes. therefore, multi-level data security is provided. The system generates reports that informs managers and help them to make strategic decisions. So the system decreases workload of lawyers and employees working for law departments. 


Uyap Integration

Integrable with UYAP.

Case And Execution Inventory

System holds detailed information about cases and executions.

Unlimited Account Registration

There is no limit about adding new accounts.

Labor Load of Lawyers And Instution Statistics.

Based on lawyers, users can track workloads and see statistics.

Sample Decision Tracking

Everyting about a case can be tracked in the system.

Case Schdule And Warning System AND WARNING SYSTEM

With its effective calendar and warning system, lawyers misses nothing.


Users can see everything about a case as a workflow.

Temporary Decision

Decision made after trials can be added in the system.

We, as Yaz Information Systems, are working so hard for you to catch digital transformation trends. With our legal tracking system, make your place stronger  in the digital world.


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