Payment Management System is a software that allows public institutions and private companies prepare payment orders and requests according to ınternal regulations, laws and instructions. While developing the software, we aimed to take the payment process to digital and to make the process better. 


Web Based

Users can reach the system wherever they want.


Users can login easily with active directory integration.

Payment Order Creation

With the tamplates in the system, users can create payment orders automaticly.

Payment Request Recording

You can track payment requests through the system.


It has the infrastructure that can allow the system to integrate to internal systems.

Payment Request Template Creation

Users can create new payment templates.

Payment Request Transfer 

Users can transfer payments to credit institutions.

Special Reporting Mechanism

It has an effective reporting mechanism.

You can track all of your payments life circle from the payment request to collection digitally. You can check documents, signatures etc.needed digitally. The system prevents time wasting and make the work more efficient.