Our expert and experienced staff investigate the software needs of institutions during the licensing process, examine their existing software and create a special licensing model in the interests of the institution. Within the framework of the created model, institutions are provided with the most affordable prices and licensing options, providing the maximum benefit from the opportunities obtained.

Our Services


  • Determining the correct licensing model
  • Compliance with legal obligations
  • Adaptation of licensing to the existing system
  • Availability of new versions at affordable costs
  • Preventing piracy risk
  • Licensing improvements


Importance of Licensing


  • You will not lose your reputation because you will not be included in the lists where the name of those who use pirated software is mentioned.
  • You are not affected by the negative effects of pirated software such as viruses and faulty software.
  • By receiving technical support and consulting services related to the software, you can use the product effectively.
  • Because you will have sufficient documentation and resources, you can do your work lossless.
  • You contribute to the software industry's development of new software at lower costs.
  • In parallel with the development of the sector, you have a share in the formation of new employment opportunities.
  • You contribute to the rise of our country to the level of modern countries in terms of software copyrights.